Chandramani Tripathi BJP Leader

Chandramani Tripathi

Father:- Late Ramnihor Tripathi 

Permanent Address :-
     MIG 1/6/81, Indra Nagar
     Rewa – 186 001 (M.P.)

Birth :- 1 July 1968

Death :- 23 March 2013

political Party :- BJP

MLA :- 1977 ( Gudh Vidhan Shaba )

MP  :- 1998 & 2004 ( Rewa )

Late Chandra Mani Tripathi one of the famous BJP leader of rewa was born on 1 july 1969 in village umari of rewa to a normal family  unfortunately in his childhood he lost his parent  struggling in his child hood he completed his schooling and went to TRS College of rewa further studies later he went to sager for studies where he completed MA in Geography and LLB.

from his childhood he was very good speaker and having a strong hold in his mothertoung and entered in politics from the influence of Lohiyawadi Thoughts. During emergency he came in touch of of kushabhau thakare and became active member of BJP. He was under ground during emergency from 26 june 1975 to 9 September 1975, On 10th september he was arrested and was sent to rewa jail where he oposes the dectatorship of rewa collecter. Due to this episode he was sent to jabalar jail and later in 1976 he was sent to  Begam jail but he never gaveup from opposing the emergency rule.

In 1977 election he defeated the congress minister from gurh and elected as Vidhayak from Gurh, Later he was elected twice as MP of rewa in 1998 and in 2004. he was the first BJP MP of rewa in 1998.

Chandramini tripathi was very popular in common people of rewa and due to his simplesity and honesty he was close to all people of rewa


  1. Hi,

    My deep condolence to our Rewa leader Tripadhiji.

    Dear fried please correct Rewa Pincode it seems wrong, should be 486001?

  2. I KNOW Him Verywell His Date Of Birth Incorrect Please Give Correct Date Of Birth.