Jaypee Rewa Cement Plant !

Jaypee Group was founded by Mr. Jai Prakash Gaur in 1958 as a civil contracting firm. In 1979, they came to be known as Jaiprakash Associates Private Ltd (JAPL). Jaypee group produces cement under the brand name 'Jaypee Cement'. It happens to be the 3rd largest cement manufacturer in the country. Spread cross North South East and West India this cement company produces almost 21.30 Mn T PA of cement. With a total number of almost 10,000 employees this cement company in India earned revenues of 11,671 crore in 2010.
                       Jaypee Rewa Cement Plant (JRCL) with an initial capacity of 1 million tonnes was established in 1980. This marked the beginning of Jaypee Group's strong hold in the cements industry in India. Continuing the legacy was Jaypee Bela Cement Plant (JBCP) in 1996 with an initial capacity of 1.9 million tonnes. . It produces Ordinary Portland Cement and Pozzolana Portland Cement under the brand names ‘Buland’ and ‘Buniyad´ Its Cement Division currently operates modern, computerized process control cement plants with exaggerate capacity of 9.0 MTPA. All the 3 JP Cement Plant Rewa are made-up of  Hitech Automation, Instrumentation, Computer Aided, data execution and  Sophisticated controlled system which is very balancing in quality of cement and pollution free environment. Their are more than 120 distribution center in MP, UP , Bihar , and rest north india including Nepal.
                         On 14th Dec 2005  Jaypee Rewa Cement Plant got National  award  for “Energy conservation “ by President of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kamal.

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  1. talks are around that JayPee grp is putting undue pressure on sm farmers for selling their land by sending sm cops in their home. misuse of govt machinery by rich people is an all time favourate subject ....but no one is interested to listen those cries of hungry poor n jobless ppl ......

  2. Sunny gaur and six others have been implicated in murder charges for the firing done on 22nd sept 2007 by the sessions Court. The incident is given below.
    Date: 28th Sept'2007

    Date: 28th Sept'2007

    Report on the Firing Incident that took Place in District Rewa, Madhya Pradesh by JP Cement Group on Innocent Protestors

    A team of five people from National forum of forest people and forest worker, U.P. Bhumi Sudhar Awam Shram Adhikar Abhiyan Samiti and Human Rights Law Centre visited the area where J.P. opened fired at peaceful demonstration by unemployed youths and women on 22nd Sept., 2007. In this indiscriminate firing one youth Raghvendra Singh (23 yr.) was killed on spot, three boys seriously injured of who two have lost their eyes and 60 left injured whom we met at Sanjay Gandhi hospital today

    The team consisted of:

    Roma - Activist
    Shanta Bhattacharya - Activist
    Ramesh Shukla - Advocate
    Matadayal - Activist
    Dadulal – Activist
    Subrat Kisan – Leader of the movement in Rewa

    On a fateful day 22/09/07 the movement led by 2000-3000 unemployed youths, women, children and peasants was brutally crushed early in the morning by the J.P. Cement factory owners at its Naubasta factory unit, police and their security guards. The team visited the hospital where 45 youths and other people were taking treatment for the injuries they received and interviewed them. The victims revealed horrifying stories of how they were attacked mercilessly without any intimation by the authorities and the security guards. Apart from these victims two of them Prahalad Singh and Ramnarayanh had gone to Delhi AIIMS for treatment of their eyes. One reporter of electronic media Ashok Maurya who was brutally attacked by the security guards and his camera broken has been referred to Jabalpur where he received 15 stitches on the head and his hand operated for treatment. More than 50 who were injured and still charras inside their body have not taken the treatment because of the fear that they might be implicated in the false cases by the district authorities if they go to the hospital.

    The team interviewed all the injured who are taking the treatment in the district hospital of Rewa Sanjay Gandhi Hospital . Many of them have sustained very serious injuries even than the hospital authorities issued them discharge slip forcefully and asked them to leave. Most of the patients have not recovered and charras not removed from their body, they have not been given medicines also properly.

    The following statement was given by the victims that were horrifying of how the democratic movement of peasants, farmers, workers, women and youth was brutally crushed by the factory owners with complete protection of State.

    Anandsingh ( 25yrs) of Kachur village said that all of the residents of Kachur, Sumeda, Bihara, Kawadangh and others had gathered to demand for the jobs in the factory as promised by the factory owner in the morning around 9.00AM. By that time CSP Mr. Jharia, SDM Shivpal singh,Tehsildar Shivani Pandey were already present with police force along with hundreds of security guards of JP Cement company. We all said that they can arrest them but without any warning they started firing at us and stones were also thrown at us from inside the gate. All of us were unarmed and we were with children and women, had we prepared for the attack we would not have taken our children and women with us.

  3. STOOOOOOP !!!!!!!!!!!
    Stop making cement plants. There are already more than enough. Just for money, you guys are polluting our environment. Just planting some trees in park around factory won't do any good. Its like adding a drop of pollution removing agent in entire ocean of toxins.

    You all have more than enough money, fame any everything in your life, Don't be greedy. Greed always leads to fall. Its not just a saying, Its the truth. I myself experienced it multiple times.

    Live and let others live safely in healthy environment pleeeeeeease for God's sake.

    Don't just ignore this comment.
    Keep in mind - "The bigger they are, The harder they fall."