Breaking News.....Explosives And Bombs Recovered From Rewa MP

16-October-2011 Todays Breaking News ...

Rewa Police has recovered large amount of explosive from a house of Gangotri colony Rewa MP. Police has recovered  Gelatin rods, Detonator, ammonium nitrate and dry cell in large amount. from a house of gangotri colony. 

Three sacks of detonators and 12 sacks of explosives have been recovered in the raid.

Rajesh Patel, the man who had rented the house in Rewa's Gangotri colony is absconding. However, Anuj Pratap Singh, the landlord of the house - who also stays in the same house - was present at the time of the raid.The police are on the lookout for Mr Patel, but have made no arrests so far.
police is still in investigation..........

Source : ,IBNLive

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