Venkat Bhavan Rewa !

Front View of Venkat Bhavan
Venkat Bhavan is an intricately designed, well maintained building. Maharaja  Venkatraman Singh built it to provide employment during the famine of 1894, completed in 1907 and covers 425 sq m. A life sized carving of Shiva and Parvati, brought from a demolished temple nearby, is placed at the main entrance. Built around a circular pond with a round
Venkat Bhavan Rewa
 platform in the center connected to the periphery.  Twelve doors in the outer walls (baradari) let in light and fresh air. Above the pool there are well-decorated halls, where Vikramaditya held his darbar. In Venkat Bhavan their are very beautiful statues  of many god & godeses  Inside it their is a very beautiful pool and also  their is a big tunnel  which connects the venkat bhavan to Fort of rewa . 
Tunnel connecting Venkat Bhavan to other parts of city.
It is belive that this tunnel was used by queens and very special Court peoples only. This tunnel is now closed for common people and rarely opened for few days. Just  on the South-East of this very beautiful Historic building their is a very famous shiv temple called as Kothi temple (Bum-Khata-khat) . In front of this Building their is a big metal fountain increasing its beauty.

Special Thanks to Mr. Piyush Tiwari for providing such lovely picture of this building. 

Some more Pictures of Venkat Bhavan Rewa

Statue of Swami Mahavir at Venkat Bhavan
Venkat Bhavan
Royal Swimming Pool 


  1. its lovely work well collected, n it connects us with the old memories of rewa city though sitting at far ...commendable , praiseworthy,..keep it up..

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  3. its a very beautiful not maintained well...its a very precious and unique.architecture and must be preserved well.