Rewa State Fiscal Court fee and Revenue Stamps !

Following are pictures of Stamps used at rewa state before Independence.
General stamps / Court fee 

1) Used in 1925-39 of size 78x35mm  priented on Wove paper

Voilet, One Anna

Three Annas, yellow-green

Four Annas, green

One Rupee, ultra

2)  Used in 1928-32 of size 78x36mm.

Eight Annas,teal blue

One Rupee, ultra.

3) Used in 1935-45  overprinted in black Hindi typograph "KHARCHA NAKAL"

Four Annas, green.

4) Used in 1930-44 overprinted in black Hindi typograph "KHARCHA NAKAL "

One Annas, violet.

Two Annas,rose.

5) Court fee stamp  used in 1928-32, General stamp overprinted in black Hindi typograph " ADALATI TICKET "
One Anna,violet.

Four Annas,green.

6) Gerenal Stamps used in 1935-45,overprinted in black Hindi typograph, "ADALATI COURT FEES STAMP "
One Anna, violet, without space between COURT FEE.

 Eight Annas, teal blue.

Four Annas,green

Eight Annas, blue green.

One Anna, orange

One Anna,violet.

7) Revenue stamp issued in 1940-45, size 22-1/2x 28mm.


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