Complete List of Baghel Rulers who ruled over Rewa State From 1195 !

This is a complete list of Baghel Rulers Who ruled over rewa State Near about 800 years..
  Special Thanks to Mr. Hitesh Singh Baghel for making complete List .

1- MAHARAJA Byaghr DEV (1195)
3- MAHARAJA Sohag Dev
4- MAHARAJA Sarang Dev
5- MAHARAJA Vishal Dev
6- MAHARAJA Bheemal Dev
7- MAHARAJA Shrinak DEv
8- MAHARAJA Balan Dev
9- MAHARAJA Dalkeswar Dev
10-MAHARAJA Malkeshwar Dev
11-MAHARAJA Bariyal Dev
12-MAHARAJA Ballar Dev(1349-1351)
13-MAHARAJA Singh dev(1351-1380)
14-MAHARAJA Bherav Dev(1380-1420)
15-MAHARAJA Lhar Dev (1420-1440)
16-MAHARAJA Bhaigh Dev(1440-1495)
17-MAHARAJA sali Vahan(1495-1500)
18-MAHARAJA Veer Singh(1500-1540)
19-MAHARAJA Veerbhan Singh(1540-1555)
20-MAHARAJA Ramchandr Singh(1555-1592)
21-MAHARAJA Veerbhadr Singh(1592-1593)
22-MAHARAJA Vikrmaditya Singh(1593-1624)
23-MAHARAJA Amar Singh(1624-1640)
24-MAHARAJA Anoop Singh(1640-1660)
25-MAHARAJA Bhaav Singh(1660-1690)
26-MAHARAJA Anirudh Singh(1690-1700)
27-MAHARAJA Avdhoot Singh(1700-1755)
28-MAHARAJA Ajeet Singh(1755-1809)
29-MAHARAJA Jay Singh(1809-1833)
30-MAHARAJA Vishvnath Singh(1833-1854)
31-MAHARAJA Raghuraj Singh(1854-1880)
32-MAHARAJA Venkatraman Singh(1880-1918)
33-MAHARAJA Gulab Singh(1918-1946)
34-MAHARAJA Martand Singh(1946-1997)
   ( MAHARAJA Martand Singh is last MAHARAJA of rewa state.. )
35-MAHARAJA pushpraj Singh
36- Kuvanr Divyraj Singh