Coins of Rewa State !!

Shabe Salam !!!
Today while surfing the net i found a beautiful blog ( its link mention Bolow ) where i seen the images of coins of rewa state which i am sharing with you, these are the picture of copper coins of Raja Jai Singh Dev From 1809 -1835 and Coins during the time of Raja Viswanath Singh (1835-1854 )

Images of Coins  During Raja Jai Singh Dev (1809-1835)

Images of Coins  During Raja Jai Singh Dev (1835-1854)

Read this article to know more about these coins at palikara.blogspot


  1. A big thank you. So far nobody showed any interest. You may visit my Hindi blog which you may find interesting as most of my writings are in Hindi.

  2. Sir,
    No Sir Big Thanks to you for sharing such information of our Rewa city


  3. Good collection.
    I have one of them. Let me to see in my trunk.